Master's Thesis Module

The Master's Thesis module comprises 24 ECTS in total and includes the following segments:

Master's Thesis Conversatorium (2 ECTS)

  • SE Conversatorium for Master Candidates (2 ECTS)

The Master's Thesis should be written in the course of the seminar and, moreover, students should present the current status of their work. 

Master's Thesis (20 ECTS)

The topic of the Master's thesis has to be chosen from one of the modules of the specialization phase. 

Detailed information on the preparation of the Master's thesis is provided by the following links, as well as on the websites of the respective departments and chairs. 

Master's Examination (2 ECTS)

  • Defensio including an examination about the academic field of the Master's thesis (1 ECTS)
  • Examination of an additional specialization area (1 ECTS)


  • Prerequisites for the admission to the Master's examination are the positive completion of all compulsory modules and exams as well as the positive assessment of the Master's thesis.