The research of the members of the institute spans a broad field by nature. The focused research strategy of the institute builds on the existing competencies and fields of research of the institute members on one hand and also takes into account interesting and seminal development directions of the subject on the other hand. The research topics considered relevant by the Institute for Future Development can be divided into three levels:

  • A methodological level as a (common) basis of research activities. On the one hand, the institute actively contributes to the further development of methods and, on the other hand, plays a pioneering role in the application of new methods.
  • Core topics of research: These are subject areas in which the institute already has considerable expertise and which are of particular relevance due to current developments.
  • Subject-specific differentiations of the core topics, which are dealt with by a chair or between closely related professorships concerning their fields of research.

Further details on the research activities can be found on the websites of the chairs and subject areas.