Elective Subjects

In order to complete the module "Elective Subjects", courses comprising a total of 8 ECTS have to be passed with a positive grade. Students have the opportunity to complement their acquired knowledge at one's own preference. 

Elective Subjects (8 ECTS)

Students can choose courses from the following range:

  • Courses of the introductory phase, that have not been completed during the introduction.
  • Further courses from the Major and Minor modules, that are explicitly announced in the course directory.
  • Further courses, that are announced by the directorate of studies, from the following fields:
    • Project management
    • Quality management
    • Gender and Diversity management
    • Product management
    • Business communication 
  • UK OLV - Guide into your studies for Master's (2 ECTS)

After an approval in advance by the directorate of studies, it is also possible to complete an internship that is relevant to the studies. 

Important information

  • For this module students should only choose courses that are explicitly listed under the Elective Subjects module in the course directory.