The Department of Marketing and International Business, the Department of Business Decisions and Analytics and the Department of Accounting, Innovation and Strategy offer the bachelor and master programs of business administration in conjunction and contribute to the degree programs of Business Informatics, Economics, and Statistics. On the one hand, a sound basic knowledge in the functional fields of Business Administration is conveyed by the courses of the core phase, on the other hand, there are various possibilities of specialization provided by the different occupational fields and the module "International Business" within the bachelor program, by the differing majors and minors, the cultural sciences, and the module "International Management" within the master program as well as by an array of electives.

In addition to teaching in the abovementioned Bachelor's and Master's programs, the staff members of the institute are also involved in doctoral training by offering a high-quality PhD degree in management. It offers scientific education on an international level and is intended to enable graduates to independently perform research work in international business management in accordance with international standards.