Individual Specialisation

To complete the individual specialisation, it is required to successfully pass courses comprising 30 ECTS in total. 

There are four possibilities, from which students can choose for their individual specialisation:

Extension Curricula (15-30 ECTS)

Extension Curricula (EC) are offered as modules consisting of 15 or 30 ECTS. Therefore, students can choose to complete a large EC (30 ECTS), two small EC (15+15 ETCS) or a small EC (15 ECTS) in combination with an international exchange stay (15 ECTS) or free elective subjects (15 ECTS). 

EC are offered by most degree programs of the University of Vienna and therefore provide an opportunity to deepen interests or gain insights into further topics. 

However, it is not possible to choose an Extension Curriculum offered by the own degree program.


Free elective subjects/Alternative Extension:

If a small EC is chosen, the remaining 15 ECTS can also be completed as free elective subjects. A free elective subject can be any course offered by the own faculty or the University of Vienna. However, chosen courses must not have a similar content compared to compulsory subjects or compulsory elective subjects of the own curriculum. Moreover, the chosen courses should act as deepening additions to the degree program and should only stem from Bachelor programs. 

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics also offers courses exclusively held for the alternative extension (e.g. UK OLV - Guide into you studies for Bachelor's). 

Additional Occupational Field / Individual Specialisation (24+6 ECTS)

Within this module (C.3. according to the curriculum) an additional occupational field (comprising 24 ECTS) can be completed, combined with courses comprising a total of 6 ECTS (Alternative Extensions), which can be chosen from following fields:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Communication Studies 

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Semester Abroad (15-30 ECTS)

Students have the opportunity to complete the 30 ECTS entirely in an international exchange stay (e.g. Erasmus semester abroad) or to combine 15 ETCS in the semester abroad with 15 ETCS as an international internship or respectively 15 ECTS in the form of an extension curriculum. 

Internship abroad (15 ECTS)

An international internship has to comprise 15 ECTS (equals 375 working hours). The remaining 15 ECTS can be completed as a small extension curriculum or as a semester abroad. 

The duration of an internship can be 6 months maximum. 

An international internship has to be approved in advance by the Directorate of Studies.