Research Funding from the European Commission for Katerina Makri


It appears that a significant portion of food waste is due to marketing standards, but so far there is very little concrete evidence on how much, why, and how to address it. Therefore, there is a need for deepening our understanding and finding effective solutions to reduce food waste as well as prevent it altogether by improving the business potential of "suboptimal foods."

To this end, Katerina Makri from the Chair of International Business, in collaboration with a network of international partners (both industry and academic), will explore alternative market access strategies to reduce food waste caused by existing marketing standards.  For this particular project, Katerina Makri has received research funding from the European Commission's Horizon Europe program, the EU's prestigious funding program for research and innovation.The Horizon Europe program facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies and addressing global challenges. It supports the creation and better dissemination of outstanding knowledge and technologies. The program also aims to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promote EU competitiveness and growth.

Katerina, who represents the University of Vienna as project leader, has received a budget of €250,000. This grant not only reflects the international presence of the Chair of International Business, but also highlights its focus on conducting impactful research on business, society, and the environment in line with the strategic goals of the University of Vienna. 


Congratulations to Katerina Makri for this success!