Clouds and Interclouds in the Real Estate Sector

Andreas Mladenow, Niina Maarit Novak, Christine Strauss, M. Greguš

Development and improvement of intercloud environments is still in an early stage, correspondingly, analyzing adequate realization of many types of applications is essential. In the presented contribution we have chosen an application with a high potential for value generation through cloud and cloud of clouds, i.e. The real estate business. The reason for this accumulated benefit that clouds may generate is threefold: (i) the objects in real estate business have high values, (ii) some phases during their life cycle cover very long time periods, and (iii) many different actors are involved along the value chain, many of them are SME's. We give a to-the-point insight into the real estate sector (life cycle, value, chain, actors) and demonstrate possible effects through clouds for selected stakeholders. We further give a brief overview of cloud-based products in the field of real estate for a well-defined market (i.e. DACH-countries) in order to demonstrate the current situation.

Department of Accounting, Innovation and Strategy
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Comenius University Bratislava
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
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