Smart Retailing Technologies to counter current Retail Challenges - An Assessment of Impacts

Patrick Hafner, Alexander Voelz, Christine Strauss

Smart Retailing (SR) is discussed in the current literature as a possible answer of brick-and-mortar stores to the challenges created by the rise of e-commerce. This study aims to assess the current state of research in SR and evaluate its potential to confront the challenges that have arisen in the industry. First, based on a literature review of key journals in the field, a classification of relevant SR technologies was conducted. As a result, the three categories: (i) service-oriented, (ii) business process-oriented, and (iii) hybrid SR technologies, were created and discussed in detail. Second, fundamental benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of SR at the point-of-sale (PoS) are derived and discussed. Third, a comparison of specific areas of impact for implementing the individual technologies was carried out. Overall, this work has taken further steps to provide more insights into the potential of SR in future retail scenarios, regarding the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retail.

Research Group Knowledge Engineering, Department of Marketing and International Business
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Universität Wien
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Austrian Fields of Science 2012
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