Mobile Banking Behaviour of Austrians and Romanians – The Role of Espoused Cultural Values

Ana D. Domuța, Christine Strauss

Mobile banking has received researchers’ attention since the appearance of mobile phones. However, applications have become a crucial factor in financial institutions’ strategy with the outbreak of the pandemic. Motivated by the lack of studies on cultural variations in mobile banking acceptance and scarce research which directly measured culture, this paper aimed at investigating how culture at the individual level of analysis impacts the relationship between technology acceptance factors and adoption intention of mobile banking applications in Austria and Romania. Data was gathered through a bilingual survey resulting in 196 Austrian and 229 Romanian participants. The moderated multiple regression analyses revealed that culture influenced adoption intention of mobile banking applications through the interaction with technology acceptance factors. The present findings have implications for future research and financial institutions’ marketing strategy of mobile banking.

Department of Marketing and International Business
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Peer reviewed
Austrian Fields of Science 2012
502050 Business informatics, 502052 Business administration, 502007 E-commerce
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