Introductory Phase

The master's degree program International Business Administration has an introductory phase comprising 8 ECTS. The objective of this module is to refresh business contents and therefore offer a preparation for the specialization phase. Since admission to the master's program after graduating from a different bachelor's degree program is now facilitated in the new curriculum, the introduction shall also guarantee a consistent level of knowledge across all students. 

The introductory phase is not an obligatory prerequisite for the following modules of the program, however, it is recommended to complete the introduction at the beginning of the studies. 

Introductory Phase (8 ECTS)

  • VO Management I (2 ECTS) - offered in Marketing and Organization and Personnel 
  • VO Management II (2 ECTS) - offered in Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Finance 
  • VO Macroeconomics (4 ECTS)