Integrative Specialization

The module Integrative Specialization comprises 8 ECTS in total and shall offer students the possibility to look further into the societal and institutional-organisational context of corporate action as well as guide them in reflecting corporate decisions in a broader scope. 

Integrative Specialization (8 ECTS)

Compulsory Course:

  • KU Economic Sociology - Basics (4 ECTS)

Further courses comprising 4 ECTS from the following fields:

  • Economic Sociology
  • Economics (e.g. Labour Economics, Public Finance)
  • Further IM-courses, that have not yet been completed during the business specialization phase
  • Further qualified, selected courses after approval by the directorate of studies
  • UK OLV - Guide into your studies for Master's (2 ECTS)

Eligible courses will be announced in the course directory.


  • Recommended: Introductory phase